IT Critical Systems is a trusted provider of Mission Critical Infrastructure in Australia. With a national footprint of work, the IT Critical Systems team has unmatched experience in designing, building and maintaining Mission Critical Infrastructure. 

IT Critical Systems has fostered a skilled and multidisciplinary team that provide confidence and reliability in any situation. Our national presence and expertise cover small edge computing systems, IOT, modular data centres and enterprise facilities. Due to a high volume of completed projects and installation, we can offer mission critical equipment at competitive prices.

We pride ourselves on providing premium, 24/7 support to our clients. Our team specialise in critical environments and understand procedures for working in live Data Centres. Our in house, licensed and vendor trained technicians are the backbone of our company.

IT Critical Systems has achieved ISO 9001 Quality Certified System, ISO 14001 Environmental Certified System and ISO 45001 Safety Certified System certification.

IT Critical Systems is  Australia’s Leader in the Design, Installation & Maintenance of Mission Critical Infrastructure.


IT Critical Systems will carry out an audit on your existing infrastructure and equipment and make recommendations to increase efficiency and capacity while keeping focus on future growth.

Our team understands every customer has specific requirements and visions for the design of their system.

We have knowledge of most vendor’s equipment and therefore can provide an independent recommendation.


We analyse all contributing factors including location and external influences such as existing building mechanical and electrical infrastructure, building construction, location and future IT growth requirements, to provide a scalable, efficient and redundant solution.

As part of our commitment to excellence we provide services from detailed CAD drawings, power load distribution design, to heat load calculations for your Mission Critical Infrastructure.


IT Critical Systems specialises in the installation of precision cooling systems, UPS Systems, associated DC Systems, and Structured Cabling for Data Centers.

We have a team of in-house trained and certified technicians who have an in-depth knowledge of working in Mission Critical Infrastructure environments and understand the processes and responsibilities inherent of carrying out tasks in these facilities.


IT Critical Systems offers 24/7 support and we are capable of carrying out emergency reactive repairs to all precision cooling and UPS systems in the market.

Should you have an issue with a system, the team at IT CRITICAL SYSTEMS have the capability to react and mobilise instantly with multi-vendor training we can be on site within a 2-hour response window for metropolitan work or have technicians on the next available flight and a fully equipped portable workshop mobilised for remote locations. With speed and flexibility, we have a reputation for being the team that can diagnose and solve a problem when no-one else can.

We aim to empower our team of technicians to lead up and down the chain of command. Aside from being technical experts, every team member is capable of delivering business expertise and management level insight during their on-site communication.


IT Critical Systems provides tailor made maintenance agreements, that will provide ongoing support coverage for your Mission Critical Infrastructure equipment providing you the assurance that your facility is support around the clock.

Why choose IT Critical Systems?

As a company, we are dedicated to the mission of mitigating the financial and operational losses that our clients may suffer through outages of their critical infrastructure. We do this by creating consummate critical infrastructure systems with full redundancy built into their design. Our systems have the ability to tolerate single point failures and don’t rely on any one piece of equipment or infrastructure to stay operational.

Each system we implement is tailored to suit our client’s specific application and we have experience in the mining, oil and gas, telecoms, data centre, healthcare and financial industries.

Our priority on any project is to provide our client with a fit for purpose critical infrastructure facility, that meets their budgetary target. Additionally, it is critical to us that the way we operate as a business reflects well on the people who engage our services.

That’s why we work closely with multiple stakeholders in the initial stages of project conception. This ensures that when projects come to  fruition we can deliver a product that meets expectations, while also reconciling accurately with budget forecasts.

We truly believe that the more critical the environment, the better placed our team is to succeed. That’s backed by the warranty we provide our clients for any new system we build, implement and maintain. This warranty also keeps things simple. It intentionally gives our clients a single point of accountability for their entire critical infrastructure facility.

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IT Critical Systems is a trusted provider of mission critical infrastructure systems across Australia.

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