IT Critical Systems provide reliable solutions from Australian and global manufacturers of server and network racks and cabinets for the deployment of your IT equipment.


IT Critical Systems’ racks and enclosures can adapt to a variety of IT environments and can help save space and cost. They are portable, secure, economic and plug-and-play.

Whether in a modern data centre or a computer room, uniformity is required in the racking systems and containment solutions. Flexible, adaptable and pre-configured customised server racks and network cabinets will reduce costs and save space, while increasing the performance, efficiency, and reliability of your Mission Critical Infrastructure.

Most data centres today support a wide variety of IT equipment densities and form factors that require appropriate racks and accessories.

Since racks and enclosures house more equipment today than ever before, this rise in equipment densities has increased the need for an organised cable management system both inside and outside the rack. Solutions range from simple cable management rings, to vertical or horizontal organisers, to troughs and ladders.

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IT Critical Systems is a trusted provider of mission critical infrastructure systems across Australia.

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