IT Critical Systems stock a large range of Rack Mount Transfer Switches and have access to globally recognised large capacity units.

We have the capability in house or can engage specific vendors to carry out commissioning on our supplied transfer switches whether it’s a rack mount, 10 amp 1RU to a 1,200 amp custom design.

We have supply agreements from various major vendors, giving us access to a vast range of different technical solutions.

We can set these switches up and enable various levels of monitoring through different systems.

IT Critical Systems have the experience to integrate new Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) solutions within live computer room environments. We provide detailed methods of procedure for all upgrade works as well as a project team to supervise implementation. We can provide open or closed Transition Automatic Transfer Switches as well as over lapping neutral options, depending on the application. All of our supported products meet Australian standards and meet all regulatory certifications.

We can size and select the correct transfer switch depending on your power generation application. We are happy to help with the design of your system to maximum redundancy with the most cost effective solution.

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IT Critical Systems is a trusted provider of mission critical infrastructure systems across Australia.

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