Designing, Installing and Servicing in the Air-Conditioning Industry, the team at IT Critical Systems is perfectly positioned to offer you the best climate control for your Server Room.

IT Critical Systems offers Precision Cooling solutions for mission critical environments that demand efficient and reliable cooling, humidity and air flow 24/7.

Our solutions can be tailored for the most challenging environments and applications.

We provide full design services and project plans including:

  • Data Centres
  • Clean rooms
  • Medical / Laboratories
  • Industrial applications

Our comprehensive Data Centre cooling solutions are suited for a wide range of configurations including:

  • In-row
  • Below floor
  • Hot aisle / cold aisle
  • Overhead precision cooling

Our professional analysis will ensure the optimum configuration of your equipment.

Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC)

At IT Critical Systems we have a proven background in computer room Air Conditioning.

Whether it is in row, perimeter or over aisle systems, we have the expertise to supply, install and maintain your system through its entire life cycle. Using heat load calculations and projected future growth we will size a system correctly to avoid cycling and maintain redundancy.

Process Cooling Units

Process Cooling Units are very similar to a Computer Room Air con unit. Certain specialised industries require ideal room conditions including air velocity, air temp, humidity and distribution control, a very close temperature and humidity controls. This requires accurate design utilising advanced thermodynamics. 

Our experience in Critical Environments such as; labs, museums and hospitals enable us to supply and install the ideal solution. We have experience in close humidity control environments and offer many innovative concepts.  

Examples of industries which require precise environmental conditions:

  • Labs
  • Art Galleries
  • Museums
  • Critical Medical
  • Radiology

Process Chillers

The requirement for chilled water for Data centres and commercial applications differ.

The Design, Project and Service teams have a vast knowledge and capability to deliver critical and non critical Process Chillers from small to large megawatt cooling capacities.

The requirements for data centre chillers can vary to the requirements of general building HVAC requirements, IT CRITICAL SYSTEMS have extensive knowledge on both products.

Temporary Cooling

We hold in stock 5kw mobile cooling units which plug into a 10 amp plug. We have our own delivery vehicles and trained technicians that can deliver, position and commission these units 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Usually within an hour response time (for contracted clients).

It is company policy to include the provision of emergency cooling units during all our Cooling upgrade projects.

For any planned or unplanned temporary cooling, please contact us on 1300 48 265.

Containment Systems for Hot & Cold Aisles

At each of our locations through out Australia we have the capacity to manufacture custom containment systems. These systems can include various options such as: automatic closing doors, LED lights, VESDA fire system penetration in various powder coated colour options. All systems can be manufactured according to any budget.

IT Critical Systems also designs, fabricates and installs customised Containment Systems for your racks.

Our experienced team will take measurements on site and therefore can customise panels, frames and sliding doors in many ways, in order to meet your needs. We offer single, half pods and custom door sizes. Frames can be chosen in any colour. Panels can be chosen in clear, translucent, white or black and can even come with your own company logo!

The process on site is very quick due to the fact that our highly skilled tradesmen prefabricate all items themselves here in our workshop in Perth. This will save time and money and enables us to offer you the most competitive price possible!

Channel Nine server room

Network Connectivity & Monitoring Systems

Part of all mission critical systems is knowing that the environment is providing IP connected systems with infinite records and live actual events.

They can also generate alarms through adjustable thresholds, these systems can be monitored via various systems such as web interface or SMS based notification. IT Critical Systems have access to software systems for enterprise level solutions.

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IT Critical Systems is a trusted provider of mission critical infrastructure systems across Australia.

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