IT Critical Systems employs BICSI certified RCDDs (Registered Communications Distribution Designers) and as such, utilises these RCDDs in conducting audit services.

It is becoming rare that IT Managers are aware of the existing equipment they have in their server rooms or telecommunications rooms, especially when it comes to network cabling infrastructure. IT Critical Systems can audit your cabling systems and document what type of system you have, the category of system you have, the number of cables you have and assess whether it meets your IT needs. This will be provided to you in a clear and concise document, with an electronic copy and test results. Along with the cabling audit, we can assess whether you have enough power back up and cooling for your active equipment. Find out more about our UPS and IT Cooling Solutions

Critical Infrastructure Thermographic Surveys

As Australia’s leaders in the data centre critical space, IT Critical Systems can check onsite electrical infrastructure, locate hot joints and complete all required processes to rectify the faults consequently mitigating any risk or potential outages. 

IT Critical Systems offer onsite Thermal Imaging and rectification to electrical equipment including:

  • Switch boards
  • Batteries
  • Busbar
  • Power rails
  • Transformers
Thermal Imaging 
Electrical Thermography is an application of Infra-Red Thermography that assists in evaluating the condition of your electrical infrastructure. Our team of trained electrical technicians are fully equipped with equipment that detects heat signatures and any faults or defects. Thermal imaging will assist in managing your electrical equipment and prevent any potential failures which may occur.  

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IT Critical Systems is a trusted provider of mission critical infrastructure systems across Australia.

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